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Battery Enhancer


Once it starts, it doesn’t stop...

  • Designed for enhanced flooded batteries

  • Web remains on plate after pasting and during battery use

  • Reduces shedding on positive plate; keeps active material on the grid

  • High number of cycles

  • Increased efficiency

  • Major impact on battery life

  • Best-in-class performance during plate processing which is equal to DYNAGRID® 313

During the battery life, DYNAGRID® NG remains embedded on the plate surface. DYNAGRID® NG reinforces the plate and thereby reduces shedding significantly.

Advanced Web Material in the Battery

Thanks to the unique sponge effect of the DYNAGRID® family the paper adheres very well to the moist paste and the dry plate, making it the industry benchmark. This ensures a smooth process in the flash oven and during assembly, meaning no paper related downtime.

Due to the high porosity and good water transport through paper, less energy is needed.

The good process ability will minimize lead emissions and improve health and safety performance in the mill.

Furthermore this product has a positive influence on the lifetime of the batteries. DYNAGRID® NG was developed especially to improve the battery performance by reducing the shedding and targets the following:

  • Start-Stop-Application
  • Deep cycling
  • Heavy duty
  • Rough terrain and bad road conditions
  • Perfect alternative for glass veil on the separator
  • Matches the cycle life performance of glass scrim as demonstrated in study by renowned lead-acid research institute, IEES, Sofia (see article Batteries International)

"Low overall cost, higher productivity, more safety"

Raw Material

Glatfelter’s Fiber Competence Center, is constantly working on the improvement and development of fibers. We only use specially selected cellulosic long fibers for our DYNAGRID® NG products.

"e-Fibre for e-applications"

Advanced Web Material Product Range

Benefits & Advantages of DYNAGRID® NG

Benefits & cost advantages in the production process:
During the Production process we provide the same benefits and advantages as the DYNAGRID® products.

Benefits & cost advantages in the Battery:
Shedding is a constant and challenging issue for high demanding batteries,
because of:

  • Increased chemical reaction in deep cycling batteries
  • Vibration in heavy duty batteries
  • Rough terrain conditions
  • Start-Stop-Applications

The Glatfelter solution is our advanced paper which reduces shedding due to a unique multifunctional web construction.

"Increase efficiency"


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