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Highest efficiency. Lowest waste rate.

  • Excellent process ability

  • Good adhesion to the plate

  • “Sponge” effect

  • Higher output

  • Waste rate reduction

  • Energy savings

  • Reduced lead emissions

DYNAGRID® is a highly porous pasting paper with a high wet strength and excellent processing characteristic.

DYNAGRID® remains the benchmark for pasting paper quality among global lead-acid manufacturers. It is uniquely engineered to meet customers' high purity requirements.
With Glatfelter Pasting Paper, you have the lowest waste rate and most efficient production. Through its “rough” surface, the paper facilitates the adhesion and drying of the paste throughout the process.

Paper in the Pasting Process

Thanks to the unique sponge effect of the DYNAGRID® family, the paper adheres very well to the moist paste and the dry plate, making it the industry benchmark. This ensures for a smooth process in the flash oven and during the assembly; meaning no paper related downtime.

Due to the high porosity and good water transport though paper, less energy is needed.

The good process ability will minimize lead emissions and improve health and safety performance in the mill.

"Low overall cost, higher productivity, more safety"

Raw Material

Glatfelter’s Fiber Competence Center, is constantly working on the improvement and development of fibers. We only use specially selected cellulosic long fibers for our DYNAGRID®products.

"e-Fibre for e-applications"

Pasting Paper Product Family

Benefits & Advantages of DYNAGRID®

  • Paste/General:
    • Higher speed/more plates per minute
    • No peeling
    • No downtime related to paper breaks
  • Cut:
    • No cutting issues/no deposit on knives
  • Dry:
    • Faster drying due to a higher vapor transmission rate
    • No fire hazards, due to lose paper in the flash oven
  • Stack:
    • No plates sticking
  • Cure:
    • Shorter curing time
  • Assembly:
    • Good adhesion
    • Less waste

"Increase efficiency"


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